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Where can I find Language Learner Literature?

Most of what's listed below has readers in multiple languages, unless the language is specifically stated. Enjoy perusing the following:

Lists of Readers by Level

Leveled Readers in 9 Languages by Martina Bex

Independent Novels in 8 Languages by Pamela Vasquez  

Spanish Free Reading Novels by Señora Chase   

List of Leveled Readers by Bryce Hedstrom

World Language Bookshelf - 500+ readers in French, Spanish & German - website by Adam Giedd

Where to Purchase Readers

Command Performance Books - owned by author Karen Rowan

Fluency Matters (Wayside Publishing)

TPRS Books

Digilangua by Jennifer Degenhardt & Theresa Marrama

Señor Wooly - Spanish Graphic Novels & Readers

Amazon Spanish Readers recommended by Sarah Breckley

Spanish Cuentos by Craig Klein

CI Reading by Mike Peto

My Generation of Polyglots e-books library by Mike Peto

Mira Canion

Bryce Hedstrom - Spanish Novels by Independent Authors

Squid For Brains - Chinese Readers

Chinese Graphic Novels and Short Stories by Reed Riggs

Mary Glasgow - Language Learning Magazines + Resources for Teens

Voces Unplugged – Readers in 5 languages

One Good Story – Spanish readers by Virginia Hildebrandt

Comprehensible Classics - Latin readers by Andrew Olimpi

The Fīlum Fātī series - Latin leveled readers by Jason Simpson

Bombax Press - Latin Novellas by Rachel Beth Cunning

Japanese leveled readers and other resources

Tadoku Japanese Readers - some for purchase, many free

Taishukan Graded Readers for Japanese learners - by Tadoku Supporters

ASK Publishing - Japanese Readers from Level 0 - 5

Cheng and Tsui - Japanese Readers from Level 0 - 5

CI Book Shop - Readers in 10 languages, including Russian

Where to download free readers

Great Story Reading Project in many languages 

Stories First Foundation - by Beniko Mason & Stephen Krashen

Noticias by Maris Hawkins

Revista Literal by Estudiantes de Español

Non-Fiction Library by Profe Elliott

Tracy Blog by Viviana Tracy

Easy Japanese Stories - by Russell Sensei

Trying to decide which reader is right for your class? The Language Learner Literature Advisory Board (LLLAB) has reviewed dozens of readers in Spanish, German, and French to help you make an informed decision for your classroom library.

Am I missing a Language Learner Literature resource? Let me know!

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